About Us


At PurpleSky, we believe start-up investment in China is an underexploited opportunity. A nationwide embrace of mobile internet that cuts across demographics is opening up new markets while a widespread embrace of cloud computing is proliferating SaaS systems that fundamentally change the way China does business. The world’s largest population is being empowered to an unprecedented degree, inspiring a new generation to redefine the way people share and consume. The result is an ocean of untapped opportunity for those with the ambition and discipline to harness it.


PurpleSky backs the visionary entrepreneurs leading these profound transitions. We share their curiosity and spirit of adventure. We enter angel-early, supporting smart bets with high potential returns that will positively impact the world. We treasure an outstanding track record of getting these bets right, having in five years already picked and assisted some of China’s most successful start-up businesses. We do it through insightful screening, immersive research, and ahead-of-trend insights into technology and the way people wish to use it.


Our Founding Partner, Scott Zheng, embodies a seer-like sense for how social change is shaping China, sourced from his own serial success as an entrepreneur, which he complements with a deep well of management experience earned over years working with leading multinationals.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand and share what’s required to elevate a new business above the competition and the bottom line. We trust our portfolio partners implicitly, and our repeated demonstrations of heartfelt commitment to their success has in turn earned us an unimpeachable reputation for integrity, effort and excellence. Once we partner, we do exactly that.