“I always thought of myself as having unlimited imagination. That’s something not many people in China share.”

Leody Fu, Founder of AppMagics



Mixed Reality


Leody Fu

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Investment Stage

Series A (April 2016)

Company Intro

Founded in 2014, appMagics is a fast-growing start-up that bridges the gap between smartphone users and virtual reality (VR) content and devices. Based on the idea that augmented reality (AR) and VR will soon blend seamlessly to create mixed reality (MR), appMagics is positioned to lead the trend by specializing in image processing, detection, including advanced facial expression and gesture tracking, and rendering. By partnering with existing mobile social live streaming platforms, IP owners and licensing its FaceMagic SDK & AVATAR, appMagics offers many millions of people the chance to render their faces in real-time MR and interact with others via the 3D avatar of their choice.


“I thought we could improve the interface between virtual, augmented and mixed reality not only for mobile users, but VR and AR users as well, providing surreal interactions that map all the ways we communicate – through facial expressions, voice and gesture.”
Leody Fu, Founder of AppMagics

Leody (appMagics)

"My first impression of Scott was that he is very smart. He has a quick understanding, a real feel for what I was thinking, not many people can do that."

Scott (PurpleSky)

"Leody has a very strong technical background and an EMBA degree. She had founded three start-ups and worked with a number of famous TMT companies, not to mention leading some very interesting product development and ecosystem buildup at Microsoft."

The Story

appMagics has cutting-edge software. The FaceMagic SDK is not even their main business, its just one expression of their capability. Leody and her team want to become the company to provide MR user experiences to multiple area partners and users. That was very attractive.
Top start-ups should have insight, either technical or business-related. Tech insights drive innovation, and I determined that the camera and screen (real or virtual) is the true essence and focal interface point of VR, AR and MR, not only VR glasses or other hardware. Finding a way to allow users to create new content and interact across mobile and VR/AR devices, that was our USP.
Leody couldn’t find the business scenario and value from their technology in the beginning. We helped appMagics realize the business case, as well as develop their role in the cooperation with key partners active in the development of virtual and mixed reality. There is now very strong potential with licensing and IP monetization going forward.
Scott has real insight into what people want to do. He made the connection with important business partners happen, and he had faith in me as a person and in appMagics.
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