Yang Hao

Year Invested


Investment Stage

Angel (Jan 2015) 
Series A (Nov 2015)

Company Intro

Changers is a mobile-based social network platform that targets affluent and business travelers from China that want to enjoy a premium experience. The app not only provides a range of tools for members to use to manage their hotel and airline reservations, but also offers a social network platform for seasoned travelers to learn from other members and to share their experiences. The platform offers member benefits in the main business districts and transportation hubs of China.


“Changers has a management team that knows top quality travel well! And they want to share their experiences within the community of China’s increasingly discerning elite travelers. The trends and demographic profile of China’s travel industry is compelling, yet it is a very competitive space. We invested in Changers’ management team and believe that the top end of the market is underserved. Premium travel is the area with the highest margins and profit potential along with an ability to build a compelling brand as a barrier to new entrants.”
Scott Zheng, Founding Partner of PurpleSky
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