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Jialiang Wang

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Series B

Company Intro

Founded 2008, TouchPal is dedicated to improving the usability of mobile devices via the innovative software it designs and brings to market, most notably the TouchPal Keyboard. The Android™ keyboard app is the world leader in terms of adoption and user experience, having won the Global Mobile Innovation Award in 2009 and secured over 450 million users across 175 countries, coming as standard for a host of global smartphone manufacturers. TouchPal is renowned for the ease with which its app allows users to include emojis and emoticons in their messages.


“PurpleSky invested in TouchPal along with other venture capital as we recognized the superior scalability of the product on a global basis. Otherwise, this is a case where we haven’t needed to get actively involved with their business because it’s clear they have a brilliant team overseeing a highly successful and cleverly designed product. While PurpleSky prides itself on the support we offer our portfolio companies, we also know when to keep a distance and let our companies flourish.”
Frank Zhang, Partner & General Counsel at PurpleSky
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