Mobile apps (Camera)


Liu Yang

Year Invested


Investment Stage

Angel (Jul 2014),
Series A (Jun 2015)

Company Intro

FotoPlace is a photo-sharing mobile app launched in 2014 that allows users to “live in a movie” of their choice. In 2015, the introduction of an innovative widescreen feature that allowed users to turn their photos into movie screenshots with subtitles in English and Chinese helped boost the app’s user base from tens of thousands to millions in just over a week, taking the number one spot in China’s Apple App Store in the process.


“It was an earlier age of mobile internet and in China the market was wide open. The founder, Yang Liu, was a graduate of a drama academy and she hit upon this great idea of allowing users to make pics that overlap in time and space, allowing them to take comparison shots with scenes from their favorite movies. I liked the idea of pairing pictures with stories, and invited her to Shanghai to make the investment.”
Scott Zheng, Founding Director and Partner of PurpleSky
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