Kun Yang Xie

Year Invested


Investment Stage

Angel Round (2014),
Pre A Round (2016)

Company Intro

iLab Intelligent Laboratory is a cloud-based management platform that helps more than 4,000 of China’s leading biological, chemical, materials and environmental laboratories maximize the efficiency of their operations. By enabling upstream and downstream real-time sharing and cross-platform collaboration, iLab enables the creation of a transparent supply chain, providing users with a one-stop service to obtain chemical compounds, equipment and other essential products.


“iLab began life as a software company focused on allowing small chemical catalyst customers to improve their purchasing management. We suggested creating a cloud-based network linking the software management to the chemical catalyst suppliers, allowing all parties to better arrange their production schedules, in the process driving higher efficiency and transparency across the ecosystem. Now they have created a true marketplace and are the portal for the industry. They grew from at most two dozen clients to having thousands of registered companies.”
Scott Zheng, Founding Director and Partner of PurpleSky
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