Online Learning


Haoran Yu

Year Invested


Investment Stage

Pre A (Nov 2014)

Company Intro

Jisuanke is China’s first online education platform focused on computer science and programming. The company leverages proprietary technology to serve more than 100,000 users with courses that conform to the standards taught at leading overseas higher education institutions, at the same time offering teaching assistance from leading engineers. The service also allows corporate and higher education clients to assess the programming ability of potential new hires, creating a marketplace that enables the entire talent pool to compare and improve their skills.


“I saw the huge potential to sell interactive programming skills development to top computer science departments learning new languages. It was clear there was also a market for talent assessment as Alibaba and Baidu already ran competitions to find the top talent in the country. The founder came from a strong background, and his team had rich operational, promotional and product development experience. I was convinced.”
Scott Zheng, Founding Partner of PurpleSky
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