Smart Devices


Yonghao Luo

Year Invested


Investment Stage

Series A (Aug 2013),
Series B (Mar 2014),
Series C (July 2015)

Company Intro

Smartisan is an award-winning smartphone maker that draws on a spirit of “artisanship and perfectionism” to create products of unparalleled craftsmanship and utility. Recognizing the potential in the Android™ smartphone field for a phone that offers a first-rate user experience across both the user interface and hardware design, Smartisan debuted its proprietary operating system, Smartisan OS, in 2013, quickly following up in 2014 with the launch of its elegant smartphone, Smartisan T1, which won widespread recognition as among the best on the market.


“I got the sense Luo wanted to go big. He explained he was a perfectionist and pointed out a number of interesting improvements that could be made to Apple and Samsung phone products in terms of design and aesthetic. He had huge potential – something different – as he was self taught, and he was an online opinion leader. He spoke with wit and spark that captivated audiences. I thought he could pull it off.”
Scott Zheng, Founding Partner of PurpleSky
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