Computer Hardware


Kaitlin Lu,
Yanking Li,
Ning Li

Year Invested


Investment Stage

Pre A (April 2015)

Company Intro

ThundeRobot, founded in January 2014, is one of China’s most popular high-end gaming laptop computers. Driven by the internet gamer community, ThundeRobot has designed its products through conducting R&D that includes deep user and fan involvement. The company has developed three laptop series types using eight different molds resulting in more than 21 product appearances. In addition to ThundeRobot’s dedication to providing world-class quality and performance computers, it has also developed peripheral products including gaming mice, keyboards, earphones, gaming chairs, and most recently a virtual reality (VR) headset.


“ThundeRobot is a really cool, high-performance product that fits so well with China’s huge gamer market. You can see the passion in the ThundeRobot products; you can feel the passion when you meet the team. When you see how they stay so close to their gamer customers and design around them, it makes for a compelling investment case. The fact that the founders have deep experience at Haier, having worked with their laptop division, gave PurpleSky the confidence to invest.”
Scott Zheng, Founding Partner of PurpleSky

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