Jiangtao Chen

Year Invested


Investment Stage

Angel (Aug 2015)

Company Intro

Weipei is an innovative app-based trading platform that connects thousands of independent auto repair shops with hundreds of automotive components suppliers in southwest China. Weipei’s strong focus on customer service has helped the company earn a near-80% repurchase rate and successfully implement an annual subscription model.


“I was attracted by the huge size of the market in after-sales car parts in China. It’s not like the US where people fix their own cars – people don’t do that in China. But the market is hugely fragmented. Used car companies take the business, as there are no large autoparts players with significant market share. Weipei’s app connects auto owners, repair shops and mechanics with the right parts from the right suppliers.”
Scott Zheng, Founding Partner of PurpleSky
“We flew to Chongqing and met Jiangtao, had a good discussion and did some testing. I bought some parts right there and people delivered them on the spot to the office in Chongqing. They were growing their DAU by 30% and their customers seemed satisfied with their service.”
Frank Zhang, Partner & General Counsel at PurpleSky
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